Frequently Asked Questions


Why is the Elide Fire Ball better than a traditional fire extinguisher?


 Traditional Fire Extinguisher
Elide Fire Ball
+ Maintenance $200 (average annual $40)
=$260 Total
Weight5-10 lbsAbout 3 lbs
TrainingRequiredNot Required
24/7 ProtectionNoYes
Not required / 5 year lifespan
EnvironmentSome harmfulEco-friendly

Can I buy your product from Amazon or eBay?

Currently, we don't sell on these platforms. We noticed that Amazon and eBay have unauthorized people selling counterfeit products that are wrapped with our packaging.


Do fire authorities use your product?

Internationally, emergency response teams in New Zealand, Australia and Turkey are all equipped with our product. It is also used by many businesses and residents in other countries.


Can the ball be installed on the outside of the building?

Yes but make sure the area isn't exposed to high temperature as this will affect the shelf life. The fireball should be stored in an area that will not drop below - 40°F or exceed + 185°F


What types of fires is the Elide Fire Ball be used?

Class A Fires: Fires involving wood, paper and plastics

Class B Fires: Fires involving flammable liquids like paraffin

Class C Fires: Fires involving combustible gases

Electric: Electric equipment under voltage of 5,000 V


How many balls is recommended to have?

This depends on how big your home is; in an apartment it would be best to have 1, in a house it would be best to have 2-5. If you live near fire prone areas, it is best to keep more on hand in case of an emergency.

(You can also use for other places such as your car / office)


Our house is big, we would need to buy a lot of balls to keep it protected vs having a regular extinguisher

We understand that it might require a lot of balls to keep your entire house protected but an extinguisher won't be able to reach different areas at the same time. Additionally, our ball distributes the compound evenly in 360°, provides 24/7 protection, requires no training and is maintenance free for 5 years.


Also we do provide discounts for large orders – those extra few could help make the difference in saving your life and property.


Can I throw the ball in a flammable liquid?

No, do not throw the ball into flammable liquid as spillage will spread the fire


Is the burst effect dangerous?

No the burst is harmless to people, animals and property (the shell is made of expanded foam (polyethylene). However, you should still be careful when using the ball and look away after throwing it.


Where can I refill the ball after 5 years?

The Elide Fire Ball is not refillable; it has a guaranteed lifespan of 5 years maintenance free.


Will the ball activate if in contact with heat?

No, the ball can withstand heat of up to 200 degrees and will not activate. The ball self-activates only when in contact with open flames


What size fire does the Elide Fire Ball extinguish?

The ball can extinguish a fire with a distance of approximately 86-107 square feet and a volume of approximately 103-115 square feet


Will the ball still activate if it falls?

Please inspect the ball immediately for damages or leakages of powder after fall. It won't lose its functionality with a fall up to 8 feet. In the unlikely event of damage and there is a spillage of powder the ball must be replaced as its effectiveness cant then be sustained


What is your return policy?

Due to our high demand we are unable to process returns at this time.