Many years ago, a devastating fire occurred at the Royal Jomtien Hotel in Pattaya, Thailand. One of the first finders tried to use a traditional fire extinguishing tank but the base of the fire was too far to reach so he ran away and called the fire station.


When the fire authorities arrived, there were other complications that prevented them from extinguishing the fire. At this point, it had been more than 8 minutes since the fire started and it spread uncontrollably. This caused the loss of many lives along with substantial amount in property damage.                                                                                                                                                   Picture8  


An engineer at the scene became inspired to invent an easier way to fight fires and that is how the Elide Fire Ball was created. Since then, he has won many awards and the product has grown popular in numerous countries.


Elide Fire USA is the authorized representative of the Elide Fire Ball. We are committed to improving safety and preventing disastrous  property damage.