Frequently Asked Questions


Can the ball be installed on the outside of the building?

          No, it is for indoor use only.


What types of fires is the Elide Fire Ball be used?

         Class A Fires: Fires involving wood, paper and plastics

         Class B Fires: Fires involving flammable liquids like paraffin

         Class C Fires: Fires involving electrical equipment


How many balls is recommended to have?

This depends on how big your home is; if you live in an apartment it would be best to have 1 or if you live in a house it would be best to have 2. Example, in a two story house keep one downstairs and one upstairs vs one story house keep one downstairs and one in garage

(You can also keep buy 1 for other places to keep such as your car / office)


Can I throw the ball in a flammable liquid?

         No, do not throw the ball into flammable liquid as spillage will spread the fire


Is the burst effect dangerous?

        No the burst is harmless to people, animals and property (The shell is made of expanded foam (polyethylene) )


Where can I refill the ball after 5 years?

       The Elide Fire Ball is not refillable; it has a guaranteed lifespan of 5 years maintenance free.


Will the ball activate if in contact with heat?

       No, the ball can withstand heat of up to 200 degrees and will not activate. The ball self-activates only when in contact with open flames


What size fire does the Elide Fire Ball extinguish?

      Fireball can extinguish a fire of approx 43-64 square feet.


Will the ball still activate if it falls?

     Please inspect the ball immediately for damages or leakages of powder after fall. In the unlikely event of damage and there is a spillage of powder the ball must be replaced as its effectiveness cant then be sustained


What is your return policy?

       We offer a 15 day return policy, please email us at and we will set up your return.